Kubica is scheduled to do another test with Renault!

Everyone's favorite driver Robert Kubica is scheduled to do another test with Renault. This is great news for fans of Robert Kubica but also for fans of Renault, because this could mean that Kubica will replace Palmer who is really struggling this year.

After Kubica crashed in a rally race in Februrary 2011, no one believed he could come back to F1 ever again. He was left with limited movement in his right arm, which indicated it will not be possible for him to race at the top level.

However, this year Kubica looks to be ready to drive an F1 car once again. After successfully completing over 100 laps in the Renault 2012 F1 car, in Valencia, and being faster than Sergey Sirotkin (Renault reserve driver), he's now having another go with Renault.

"It is a good feeling. It is something I was not expecting, to deliver so good straight away. This gives me, not confidence, because I knew as a drive the skills are there, but a relief that can do it physically, that I can make the job."

"I still know there is a long way to go and I need to do it step by step. If I have an opportunity, I will try to do my best. If not, I will search for something else. It has been a long time away from the circuit."

"When you get to an F1 car and after one lap you see the pace is there, it is special emotions and I miss it so much. I am enjoying the moment because I have been through difficult days - but I could never believe I could be in this position four or five months ago."

Some insider information says that Kubica drove Renault simulator and was as fast as Nico Hulkemberg.

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