Chase Carey shows that he knows a thing or two about showbiz: "A little drama on the track cannot hurt."

I'm liking the new F1 management more and more every day. It was about time to introduce some new faces and new styles into F1 management. Chase Carey has so far proved he knows what F1 needs and he also knows a lot about what makes a good show.

I don't have any illusions that Liberty Media is here to do anything else but make money. That's perfectly normal, it's business. However, I kind of like the way they are going about it. They opened up the F1 a bit more to the media, drivers are free to share more of the life in the paddock, and they plan to sell paddock tickets, so anyone can take a look up close.

Related to the Baku incident between Vettel and Hamilton, Chase Carey commented that "A little drama on the track can not hurt." That is the exact comment I was hoping for from the F1 management.

Thanks Chase!

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