It seems that going back to Ferrari is not an option.

Alonso recently said that he would be interested in driving for Mercedes or Ferrari for 2018, since only they can offer a championship winning cars at the moment. It didn't take long for the other side to respond.

Sergio Marchionne was clear in his last statement that they are not interested in Fernando Alonso for the 2018.

“Alonso may well have shown the desire to return, but he did not find the right response from our side. We’re not interested.“

Mercedes also doesn't seem to be overly interested in bringing in an element which would potentially break the balance, and they do have two drivers who proved they can win races. So, at this point, Alonso can:

  • Stay at McLaren and hope 2018 engine will be competitive
  • Go to Renault and fight in the middle of the pack
  • Go to IndyCar and race there, he seemed to like it
  • Retire

What do you think?

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