Racing in F1 is really good this year, and I'm enjoying it much more than last 4 - 5 years. Is the noise really that important?

Toto Wolff said that the next set of regulation changes will be focused on increasing the noise of the cars. Really? The noise? Is it really that important that the whole set of regulations and changes should be introduced so that the engines can scream louder?

Of course, the noise is important, but I think it's ridiculous to make that a key aspect of a regulation change. Why couldn't they focus on making the engines more affordable and with more power, while the noise is a byproduct of the change in engine structure/layout?

I like the idea of a V6 bi-turbo, without MGU-H and with KERS, however that seems like a step backwards in the technology. I'm sure the big car manufacturers are not overly impressed by that idea, because currently hybrid technology is being developed at a very high pace.

It's also true that Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motor racing and it should be focused on speed, drivers' skills, design, innovation and above all excitement and entertainment.

If the regulating bodies of F1 want to promote less pollution and hybrid technology, the teams should also use hybrid or fully electric trucks (for transporting equipment), use renewable energy sources in their operation (solar panels or whatever), invest in research about alternative power sources, better fuel efficiency etc.

We'll probably never see v8 or v10 cars on the track ever again, but the world needs to move on and we need to do whatever we can to minimize pollution which is suffocating this planet.

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