Honda will decide if they will quit F1 by October.

It seems that Honda is re-thinking their investment and may decide to quit F1. Every fan of Formula 1 knows they are having a very hard time producing a competitive power unit. It's especially hard for McLaren fans who are not used to watching their favorite team struggle at the back of the grid.

Honda was very confident that it can produce an engine comparable to Mercedes and Ferrari, while McLaren certainly knows how to put together a winning chassis.

Since the days of first tests of 2015, things were not looking good for McLaren/Honda. Everyone though "they are Honda, they will work it out". However, even 2 years later, they still have pretty much the same issues with reliability and performance.

McLaren/Honda is not a team who should be celebrating when winning a point or two.

There are rumors now that Honda will make a decision by October related to whether they will stay or quit F1. The decision depends on the performance of the upgraded power unit. I certainly hope that they will stay and be competitive, if not this year, then in 2018. Quitting should not be an option, admiting defeat would ruin them in more than one way.

The announced deal with Sauber is rumored to be falling through, since Honda management is deeply unimpressed by latest developments at Sauber. This is related to Kaltenborn leaving Sauber and internal struggles.

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