It is officially confirmed that the Halo type driver protection will be adopted for 2018.

There was a collective sigh of exasperation from all F1 fans all over the globe yesterday, when it was officially announced that Halo type of driver protection will be adopted for 2018.

I'm very sorry to see F1 leadership reacting in this way. This is a knee jerk reaction to the the terrible accident that killed Jules Bianchi. The reaction was fueled by the fear of legal consequences that the family of some future vicitm would sue F1 management for not doing everything they can to prevent the death of a driver.

The truth is that even if there was a halo protection installed on the car of Jules Bianchi, it would not help. However, it's possible it will make things even worse. This is the reason I'm very concerned about installing this protection. I just don't feel it was tested enough to ensure safe and quick exit for the driver in case something goes wrong, or if this will not add to the potential danger for the driver (if this thing breaks on impact or detaches from the car and hits another car on the track).

No one wants to see deaths on the race track, but I don't think this will help. Also, the drivers certainly know it's a dangerous sport, so they can either do it or choose another line of career. This is just a move to cover legal issues of NOT installing anything, while some half-baked solution was available.

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